Making Mondays Matter

FBC MASON exists to help people navigate their spiritual life. We work to build genuine relationships in every generation, and work to disciple people to maturity in Christ.

Welcome to the web site of fbc mason! We are a community of regular people who are striving to follow Jesus Christ. We have our ups and downs like everyone else, but we have found that life under the grace of Jesus is the very best! We believe Jesus Christ brings meaning to our lives and helps us to live a better life…a different life…a life that counts! This life is only possible because of God’s great love for us. Please join us for worship . . . for good friendships . . . for opportunities to serve . . . for real life! So what is different and unique about fbc mason? First, we are real about ourselves, our wrestling with God, and our struggles with Scripture. We believe the Bible is God’s word, yet, we understand that different people interpret it differently. This gives us both great freedom and great responsibility. God wants us to have full and significant lives, but it takes some work, as any relationship does. And that leads to the second characteristic that makes us unique. When we say that our faith is about a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we mean it. We do not focus on being Baptist or on controversial doctrines. We have different opinions within our church. Our concern is a growing, dynamic friendship with God through Jesus Christ. Please join us for worship or some other activity. We think you will be refreshed by God’s presence among us. And if you don’t come to fbc mason, go somewhere! Being with others who are on this same journey is part of God’s plan and is a tremendous support.